Circle K at the University of Michigan

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Becoming a Member

How do I become a member?
Becoming a member of the most awesome service organization around is simple. University of Michigan Students can become a member of Circle K by completing a membership form and paying membership dues of $30.  Dues can be brought to any Leadership Team member at our weekly meetings.

Why become a member?
Although you can do service without being an official member, membership has its privileges! You'll get the chance to:
  • Officially be a part of this exciting and dynamic organization.
  • Attend our District and International conventions (Members are almost always partially or fully reimbursed for these events)
  • Attend other conferences and service or leadership retreats (Also reimbursed)
  • Receive a membership certificate and pin.
  • Run for an Executive Board position, or apply to be a Committee Chair or Member.
  • Apply for scholarships available only to Members
  • Login to the Circle K website and view the membership directory
Why are there dues?
Circle K is an international organization and your dues go towards paying international, district, and club fees. Your dues provide resources like scholarship and convention opportunities in addition to paying for club necessities including transportation for service projects and supplies for Circle K Service Day.

Are there membership requirements?
Once you are a member of the U of M Circle K, you are not required to perform a certain number of hours of service hours or attend a certain number of meetings. However, we do recommend that all members be "active members" which means that you attend at least one service project and one club meeting a month.

What is the New Member Orientation?
A new member orientation will be held in the fall for all members or those considering membership. This'll be a great time to meet new Circle K'ers and learn more about Circle K! We strongly recommend that all new members attend this informative social event!

Do I have to go to U of M to be a member of Circle K?
Yes, you must be a student (undergrad, grad, etc.) at the University of Michigan to be a member of the U of M Circle K. However, there are around 570 Circle K clubs around the world. So, if you are a student at a school that does have a Circle K, you're all set. If your college or university does not have a Circle K on campus, you can always start one yourself!

How long does my membership last?
Your membership lasts from whenever you pay your dues until September 30th of the following school year. So if you pay your dues by October 1st, 2018 you'll get to be a member for an entire year--until September 30th, 2019.