Circle K at the University of Michigan

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Joining a committee is a great way to build your leadership skills while making some great friends.  The biggest regret that most of our members have is that they didn’t join a committee sooner.  No prior experience is necessary, just a genuine interest in the committee and the willingness to work hard.  Being a part of a committee also allows you to meet regularly with a great group of members and most people develop lasting friendships with their fellow committee members. Being on a committee comes with some responsibility and expectations, outlined in this article

You can apply to be on a committee at the beginning of fall and winter semester, as well as in April.  A short application and interview is required so that we can place you on the right committee for you. Descriptions of each committee are listed below.

Internal Circle

Fundraising: This committee develops and carries out fundraisers that will help us make significant monetary contributions to local charities.

Historian: This committee oversees the creation of the club scrapbook throughout the year (by collecting mementos and pictures) and helps document the club history by organizing and maintaining records. It also organizes presentations such as videos and slideshows detailing the happenings of the club. Additionally, this committee focuses on the continued relations with Circle K alumni. Committee members will be in communication with alumni and work on projects, events, and other initiatives to help recognize them and keep them connected with the club.

Kiwanis Family Relations: This committee develops social, service, and networking events with other Circle K and Kiwanis Family clubs in order to build strong relationships with them. They set up interclubs, service projects, socials, and larger events with Key Clubs (high school level), Circle K clubs (college level), and Kiwanis Clubs (adult level) in the area, as well as inform other clubs about the activities of Circle K at U of M and invite them to join us. The Kiwanis Family Relations Committee is also in charge of educating our members about the Kiwanis Family.

Membership Development: This committee focuses on the tenet of friendship by organizing various social activities. They plan weekly socials after the meeting for members to attend, as well as larger monthly social events such as birthday competitions, picnics, intramural sports, and the annual Circle K Formal.

Public Relations: This committee develops and carries out all activities involving the recruitment of new members, as well as activities designed to raise awareness about what Circle K is doing to the student body, other campus organizations, and the community. They design and create posters, banners, and diag boards, and inform newspapers, radio, and television stations of Circle K events.

Technology: This committee focuses on the design, development, and general maintenance of the club website and other specific websites we produce throughout the year. The committee will work together to continue to learn new skills as well as teach those skills to the membership. They are responsible for the technical aspects of club business such as setting up the projector at meetings and maintaining the office computers. The Tech Committee also works with area organizations on the construction and improvement of their websites.

LEAD: This committee aims to ensure members have meaningful experiences in the club related to our five values: servant leadership, passion, innovation, connections, and excellence. They focus on service learning, professional development, and building leadership skills of our members all through educational events such as workshops, reflections, and LeadCon.

External Circle

Children: This committee works with children in both an academic and social environment. Projects include tutoring programs, mentorship programs, as well as volunteering at children’s museums, children’s theaters, Boys and Girls Club, and more.

Health & Wellness: This committee works to improve the health and well-being of others as well as raising awareness for various health issues and injustices. Projects include working with children’s hospitals and health initiatives, sorting medical supplies, and volunteering with various organizations such as the Michigan Abilities Center and other local medical clinics.

Elderly Outreach: This committee seeks to reach out to and improve the well-being of elderly in our community. Projects include volunteering at local senior citizen facilities and Meals on Wheels.

Hunger & Housing: This committee works to improve the hunger and housing needs of the community. Projects include working at local soup kitchens, food and personal needs drives, volunteering at food banks, and Trick-or-Can.

Environment: This committee works to better the environment and promote sustainability initiatives. Projects include tree-planting, gardening, working with organizations such as the Leslie Science and Nature Center and Inner City Outings, and service projects with animals.

Charity Awareness: This committee focuses on increasing awareness and collaboration with Circle K International. One of the prime focuses will be developing events and projects that highlight some of our service partners: UNICEF, Better World Books, Students Teaming Up to Fight Hunger, and March of Dimes. This committee will also promote other international opportunities such as International Convention, Large Scale Service Project, Holiday Embrace, and CKI Service Week.

International Awareness and Empowerment: This committee aims to inform club members on social justice and human rights issues on a global scale. They will raise awareness of these issues through workshops, dialogues, and service projects with a focus on increasing awareness about social issues that affect not only the nearby community, but the rest of the world.