Circle K at the University of Michigan

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Conferences and Retreats

Conventions, Conferences & Retreats

Circle K provides numerous opportunities to participate in many activities on both district and international levels. These events can build leadership skills, form new friendships, and provide service opportunities… and of course they are fun, too! 

District Convention (DCON)
In March, all the Circle K members in Michigan gather for District Convention. It is a fun weekend filled with service and social activities, a banquet, a dance, workshops, and just hanging out. It is a great time to meet fellow Circle K members from across the state. The 2016 District Convention will be in Detroit, MI and will be hosted by Wayne State University!

International Convention (ICON)
International Convention is similar to District Convention, except on a much larger scale. There are Circle Kers from all over the world that attend this five-day event. There are informative workshops, awesome dances, inspiring speakers, a creative service fair, entertaining sessions, and the election of the International Board. Almost all International Convention attendees rank this event as one of their best experiences in Circle K. This year, International Convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas. 

Fall Rally
Every October, Circle K members from all over the Michigan District get together for a weekend of teambuilding, workshops, service and fun! The District Board puts on this event and it is open to any interested members.

Leadership Team Retreat
Every April, the new chairs and Executive Board spend an intensive 24 hours learning leadership skills as they get ready to take on their positions for the following year. They have a chance to set goals, bond as a leadership team, learn more about their positions, share ideas, and relax.

LeadCon is a 4-hour conference geared towards members who are interested in taking on a leadership position in our club or even just honing their leadership skills. LeadCon will help you to further develop your leadership skills in an engaging, interesting, and interactive manner. You will learn your communication style, how to work better with others, how to improve creativity, and more. LeadCon is held in January or February and each year, it takes on a new and exciting theme, such as LeadCon: Survivor. What will this year’s theme be? You better come find out!

Committee Lock-In

Every October, the committees get together to get to know each other and enhance their leadership abilities. The night is full of icebreakers, teamwork oriented activities, and lots of fun!

Committee Olympics
Every February, the committees compete in a night full of games - Olympic style - to determine which committee really is best! Bragging rights are on the line!