Circle K at the University of Michigan

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Executive Board

There are six roles, President, Internal Vice-President, External Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor, that comprise what is known as the "e-board." Elections take place in February and anyone who became a member by the previous December is eligible to run for office.

The e-board meets at least once a week for several hours during the school year. They are responsible for running the weekly club meetings and the overall administration of the organization. Though being a member of the e-board is very time consuming and requires a high degree of dedication to the club, it is an extremely rewarding (and fun!) experience.

General Executive Board Duties (Applies to all board members)
  • Send and respond to e-mails
  • Keep the rest of the board updated on your tasks and assignments
  • Any number of random events could occur...
  • Attend ALL board meetings (2-4 hours)
    • Plan Club meetings
    • Plan all Leadership Team (LT) meetings
    • Talk about all issues concerning the club
    • Deal with any issues/problems that arise
  • Attend club meetings & socials (4 hours)
  • Work with LT to help them meet their goals (1-4 hours)
  • Office Hours (3 hours)
  • Attend all LT meetings (3 hours)
  • Assist with Cluster meetings if needed (2-5 hours)
  • Attend chair socials (2 hours)
  • Attend additional large-scale socials
  • Attend additional Kiwanis Family events
  • Retreats and Conventions
    • Plan and attend Leadership Team Retreat: weekend, end of April
    • Plan and attend Committee Retreat: 24 hours, October
    • Attend District Convention (DCON): Friday-Sunday, March
    • Attend International Convention (ICON): 5-6 days, August
    • Attend Fall Leadership Training Conference (FLTC):Friday-Sunday, November
    • Attend Leadership Connection: one week, after classes end
    • Attend Board Retreat: weekend, summer
    • Plan Inductions and Installations
  • Club Planning and Leadership
    • Bylaws/Leadership Structure Meeting: February/March
    • Chair Interviews: Friday-Saturday, March
    • Club, Executive Board, and Personal Goals
    • Summer Circle K meetings (1 hour/month)
    • Summer Planning Meeting
  • Club Upkeep
    • Setup LT Summer Directives
    • Board work days (4-10 hours)
      • Cleaning the office
      • Updating the database
      • Keeping the Website up to date
    • Attend Welcome Week PR events(15-20 hours)
  • Transitioning and Awards
    • Write and update Transition Packet(4-6 hours)
    • Transition new board members
    • Transition LT
    • Michigan Leadership Award (2 hours)
    • District Award (4 hours)
    • International Convention Award (4 hours)

President Duties
  • Responding to e-mails from other organizations, the University, and Kiwanians
  • Constant contact with other board members and club members (1-2 hours)
    • E-mail
    • Phone Calls
    • Scheduled and unscheduled meetings
  • Deal with any and all issues that the club is facing
  • Send out the mass e-mail "This Week in Circle K" (2 hours)
    • Make an awesome secret message to go with it (2 hours)
  • Read all snail mail and respond
  • Create board agendas (2 hours)
  • Run Board meetings (2-4 hours)
  • Prepare for the Club meeting (2 hours)
  • Meet bi-weekly with leaders of DP, DM, and K-Grams (2-3 hours) and other student org/gov. leaders
  • Meet with chairs or board members individually to discuss problems or concerns
  • Build relationships with other organizations and sponsors (Kiwanis clubs)
  • Attend Kiwanis Club Meetings (2 hours)
  • Attend MSA meetings (4 hours)
  • Make sure the club is on the right track, meeting the goals set forth at the beginning of the year
  • Meet with administrators of the University
  • Keep in touch with the District of Michigan
    • Update the District calendar with our events
    • Contact the board about what we are up to
    • Contact Lt. Governor and other officials of the District
  • Facilitate goal-setting for the club and for the board (3 hours)
  • Plan the Chair retreat (6 hours)
  • Plan the Board Retreat (5-7 hours)
  • Conduct all committee interviews (7-9 hours)
  • Place interviewees on committees (2 hours)
  • Head chair interviews
  • Run Elections Meeting
  • Oversee all large scale events (inductions, installations, etc.)
  • Attend all banquets and events as a representative of the club
  • Oversee award forms and submissions
  • Work with the Treasurer to establish an extensive annual budget

Internal and External Vice President Duties

The duties of the Internal and External VPs are essentially identical except for the division of chairs each VP is responsable for leading. The IVP heads the Internal Circle, comprised of the following club building committees: Fundraising, Historian, Kiwanis Family Relations, LEAD, Public Relations, and Technology. Likewise, the EVP heads the External Circle, comprised of the following service-related committees: Children's, Elderly Outreach, Environment, Health & Wellness, Hunger & Housing, and International Relations. The division of work allows for a more focused and personal rapport between the Vice President and their respective committees and chairpersons. Below is a breakdown of common duties to both VPs.
  • Post projects/events to the online calendar
  • Meet with chairs/committee members whenever needed
  • Contact chairs by phone or e-mail for regular updates on committee progress
  • Work closely with the Service Director in maintaining the service tenet of our club
  • Send out regular e-mail updates to the chairs as necessary (usually bi-weekly)
  • Create LT meeting agenda
  • Run LT Meetings
  • Read and respond to LT monthly reports
  • Visit different committees' weekly meetings
  • Help interview committee member applicants in April, September, and February
  • Help interview committee chair applicants in February
  • Update monthly report questions
  • Update Committee and Chair Applications
  • Maintain Committee Directory and associated email groups

Secretary Duties
  • Take and email out detailed minutes of general club meetings (2 hours)
  • Keep records of meeting attendance
  • E-mail first-time meeting attendees to invite them back to our club
  • Take and securely store detailed minutes of Executive Board meetings (2 hours)
  • Write and send Monthly Report Form (MRF) to the District Board (1 hour)
  • Keep detailed records of LT meetings (these are not e-mailed out, but must be made available if necessary)
  • Send Executive Board contact information to the District Board
  • Compile and send membership roster to International Board (3-4 hours)
  • Maintain club e-mail groups
  • Respond to email regarding general club questions
  • Input paper membership forms to club database

Treasurer Duties
  • Respond to e-mails regarding funding
  • Keep in contact with the fundraising committee and assist them as needed
  • Keep track of receipts to turn in to the funding sources
  • Make reimbursements and deposits of monies
  • Collect membership dues and input information into membership database
  • Make frequent visits to the SOAS office
  • Get account activity printouts and make sure everything is accurate with your records
  • Track all spending and revenues in the Circle K Operating Budget
  • Request funding by preparing budgets and filling out the applications
  • Attend most, if not all, fundraisers
  • Assist with the financial aspect of large-scale events
  • Collect gas logs and reimburse members
  • Write letters regarding donations, thank you notes, money, etc.
  • Maintain organized and well-labeled files because there’s lots of paperwork
Yearly Prepare an extensive Circle K budget for the year with the President
  • Send membership dues to International
  • Give ‘request for funding’ presentations when necessary
  • Dues reimbursement program
  • Meet with Chairs once a semester to discuss their committee's budget and budgets for their events
  • Inform club members of dues process and where their dues monies are going

  • Bulletin Editor Duties
    • Design and print agenda for club meeting (3 hours)
    • Contact people about writing articles for the bulletin
    • Keep track of which projects/ events should be highlighted in the bulletin
    • Work with the leadership team to reserve rooms for meetings, events, and projects
    • Create Bulletin (8 hours)
      • The bulletins are normally 4 pages in length, and contain articles highlighting projects that had been completed that month, information about club members and upcoming events, and articles about the club in general.
    • Review District, International, and Kiwanis newsletters for articles on our club and/or our members
    • Create program for inductions
    • Create program for installations
    • During the summer months, create chair newsletters
    • At least once a semester, write an article for the district and international newsletter