Circle K at the University of Michigan

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Executive Board

There are six roles, President, Internal Vice-President, External Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor, that comprise what is known as the "e-board." Elections take place in February and anyone who became a member by the previous December is eligible to run for office.


The e-board meets at least once a week for several hours during the school year. They are responsible for running the weekly club meetings and the overall administration of the organization. Though being a member of the e-board is very time consuming and requires a high degree of dedication to the club, it is an extremely rewarding (and fun!) experience.


If you want to learn more about the different leadership positions at Circle K, check out our Position Packet!


General Executive Board Duties (Applies to all board members)


Covid Requirements Update (Fall 2020):

All chairs must attend every general meeting and event hosted on Thursday evenings, in addition to one virtual service opportunity.

This replaces the 10 hours of service requirement i.e. LT meetings and committee meetings are still mandatory


Send and respond to e-mails

Keep the rest of the board updated on your tasks and assignments

Any number of random events could occur...


Attend ALL board meetings (2-4 hours)

Plan Club Meetings

Plan all Leadership Team (LT) meetings

Talk about all issues concerning the club

Deal with any issues/problems that arise

Attend club meetings & socials (4 hours)

Work with LT to help them meet their goals (1-4 hours)

Office Hours (3 hours)


Attend ALL LT meetings (3 hours)

Assist with Cluster meetings if needed (2-5 hours)

• Attend chair socials (2 hours)

• Attend additional large-scale socials

• Attend additional Kiwanis Family events


• Retreats and Conventions

• Plan and attend Leadership Team Retreat: weekend, end of April

• Plan and attend Committee Retreat: 24 hours, October

• Attend District Convention (DCON): Friday-Sunday, March

• Attend International Convention (ICON): 5-6 days, August

• Attend Fall Leadership Training Conference (FLTC): Fri-Sun, November