Circle K at the University of Michigan

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Have questions about Circle K? Check out our FAQs below!

General Information

What is Circle K about? What is Circle K’s mission?

  • Circle K is a social service organization. The mission of Circle K at the University of Michigan is to develop leaders with a strong desire to serve.


When are Circle K General Meetings?

  • Every Thursday at 7:00 PM EST, our club meets to keep up to date with everything we do! Locations can vary, so check the Circle K Calendar or the “This Week in Circle K” email for the location. Each meeting has different activities, like service projects, speakers, and games. These are a great way to say hi to your CK friends, get to know people in the club, and find out about all the amazing things Circle K does!

How does Circle K get money to operate?

  • Circle K receives funding primarily from member dues. Paying your CK dues allows us to provide transportation and supplies for volunteering, run social events and workshops, and hold our annual Circle K Service Day, as well as many other major events throughout the year. We also apply for grants and hold many fundraisers throughout the year to help cover our club’s activities.

Fellowship (Friendship)

How can I meet and get to know more people in Circle K?

  • The best way to meet and get to know more people in Circle K is to attend general meetings and social events! Our weekly general meetings (Thursday at 7:00 PM EST) are a wonderful way to keep in touch with your CK friends and find out what the club is doing. Social events happen either during our general meetings or any time throughout the week. Check the Circle K Calendar to see socials; these events are in orange.


What kind of social events does Circle K have?



Leadership: Getting More Involved

How can I do more in Circle K?


What are Committee Member Requirements?

  • The requirements are to pay the annual club dues and attend 5 events each month, one of which must be a service project, and one of which must be a general meeting. Accepted reasons to miss the requirements include class conflicts, illness, or emergencies.


What other leadership opportunities are available?


Does Circle K offer professional development opportunities?


Service: Volunteering and Projects

Are there service hour requirements?

  • Nope! There are no requirements for our general members; you can sign up for as few or as many projects as you would like!


How do I sign up for projects?

  • You sign up for projects through the Circle K Calendar. Check out this video tutorial or continue reading for instructions. Simply go to the Calendar page at Once there, you will see the current month listed, with all available projects on the calendar. Events listed in blue or green are service projects. Click on the project you are interested in and a pop-up window will open. Fill out the information in the pop-up and once done, click the button at the bottom of the window with “I commit to attend this project.” You will receive a confirmation email with the project’s information as well as have the option of adding the project to your personal calendar. You can also create an account on our website to make signing up for projects easier; the form will autofill the information and you simply need to click “I commit to attend this project.”


How can I track my service hours?


What types of projects does Circle K run?

  • Circle K runs a wide variety of projects. We work with many community partners to set up our projects and in the past have offered 2 to 5 projects each day, every day of the week. We volunteer with children, animals, the environment, the elderly, those who are homeless, are special needs, and many other groups and charities to aid them in their work. We try to have a variety of virtual and in person projects for volunteers to choose from.


What organizations does Circle K work with?


Project Driver

Who can be a driver?

  • Anyone who is willing to donate their time and their car can be a Circle K driver! Our drivers are vital for our club to work as we provide transportation for volunteers to projects, so the more people who are willing to be drivers, the more projects we can do!


Are there any requirements for being a Circle K driver?

  • No, you don’t even have to attend the project! We have some basic guidelines to help you prepare for being a Circle K Driver, as well as for cancelling as a driver, but no requirements. We also reimburse based on mileage, so you will get some money to help cover gas when driving. To see these guidelines, please read this document.


How can I sign up to be a Circle K driver?


How do I get reimbursed for driving?


Site Leader

What is a site leader?

  • In short, a site leader is someone who is responsible for leading a specific project and all of the members who attend it.


Who can be a site leader?

  • Anyone! The site leader is chosen by the project contact (the person who set up the project), and they will follow a set of rules to assign the site leader.


What do site leaders do?



Can’t find what you’re looking for or still have questions? Reach out to the Circle K Executive Board at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for help!