Circle K at the University of Michigan

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Executive Board Bios

James Nguyen
Position: President

Year: Junior

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hometown: Grandville, MI

Favorite CK Memory: On CKSD, going to an urban area around Detroit to help plant a variety of plants for their urban farm for the locals. Nothing beats digging holes and struggling with getting the plants out of their pots and into the hole.

Things I Like: Running, Crocheting, Racquetball, chemistry, Bubbles, Plants, Blue berries, Chocolate cake, Duck Party and volunteering with friends like you :)

Actor that would star in a movie about my life: Paul Terry

Dream Jeopardy Category: Dolphins

Song title that sums up my life: "Compared Chid" by TUYU

Lucky Number: 5

Paige Prizlow
Position: Internal Vice-President

Year: Senior

Major: Communications and the Media, German

Minor: Computer Science

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Favorite CK Memory: My favorite Circle K memory is volunteering at a Halloween event for kids called Animal Haunts because there were so many cute little kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and they were so excited to be doing all the activities we had set up for them.

Things I Like: Michigan winning sports, watching Youtube videos, Reality TV, sour candy, The Office, soccer, Tarantino movies, dogs, most music, and volunteering with Circle K!

Actress that would star in a movie about my life: Emma Stone

Dream Jeopardy Category: Shrubs

Song title that sums up my life: "Comfort Crowd" by Conan Gray

Lucky Number: 14

Kimberly Sells
Position: External Vice-President

Year: Senior

Major: Sociology & Social Work

Hometown: Rochester

Favorite CK Memory: Starting Kid’s Kitchen with Community Action Network, I loved being able to cook fun new, healthy dishes with the kids and get roasted for inability to handle spice

Things I Like: I like sunsets, donuts, hiking, bonfires, road trips, cookies, and sitcoms

Actress that would star in a movie about my life: Emma Watson

Dream Jeopardy Category: Office Quotes

Song title that sums up my life: Simple by Florida Georgia Line

Lucky Number: 0

Lamese Saab
Position: Secretary

Year: Junior

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB)

Minor: Art & Design

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

Favorite CK Memory: Playing among us during all our virtual social sessions

Things I Like: Minecraft, painting, swimming, walking, any place with a beach, and cheesecake!

Actress that would star in a movie about my life: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Dream Jeopardy Category: Minecraft trivia

Song title that sums up my life: Barbie Tingz by Nicki Minaj

Lucky Number: 8

Maanasa Bommineni
Position: Treasurer

Year: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

Hometown: Stevensville, Michigan

Favorite CK Memory: Volunteering at Leuk's Landing! I loved playing with all the kittens and getting to meet other CK members.

Things I Like: rain, Love Island UK, Blu Raspberry Dums Dums, frozen strawberries, camping, Polaroids, daisies, the beach, Culver's, hockey, citrus candles, and TikTok

Actress that would star in a movie about my life: Sandra Oh

Dream Jeopardy Category: Last Week's Grey's Anatomy Episode

Song title that sums up my life: Tangerine by Glass Animals

Lucky Number: 7

Nooraldin Kamalaldin
Position: Bulletin Editor

Year: Senior

Major: BCN

Hometown: Baghdad

Favorite CK Memory: Staying up late night with Lamese and Darian to set up Fall Rally.

Things I Like: I like food! A lot! I like watching animal videos. I want a pet, but I am not responsible enough for one at the moment. I like Arabic poetry and theology. I like reading random books and fantasy. I like Oud Playing(check out Nasser Sheema). I like getting to know people, so lets grab coffee(but I don't like coffee so lets get ice cream). I think this is a good enough short list, hope whoever reads this has a good day.

Actor that would star in a movie about my life: Heath Andrew Ledger or Adel Imam, depending on whether you want a tragedy or comedy.

Dream Jeopardy Category: My life.

Song title that sums up my life: "Better in Tune with the Infinite" by Jay Electronica

Lucky Number: 13