Winter Stonefly Search Shift 2

Saturday January 26th, 2019


This project does NOT start on Michigan time

These underwater creatures elude most predators by growing during the winter months when most fish are more sluggish. They live only in good quality streams so searching for them tells us about problems in the river and its streams. HRWC does stonefly searches to gauge the health of our streams. You will join a small group of other volunteers to search a selected stretch of stream or river for stoneflies. You will be working with experienced researchers in the collection of stoneflies. They will also teach you how we determine the health of the stream or river you are visiting. This event takes about 4 hours; approximately half of that is outside. Questions? Comments? Email Jessie at

Event type: Service
Committee: Environment
Organization: Huron River Watershed Council
It is very important that you attend any projects for which you have signed up. We are counting on you to be there!

Sorry this project is full

Volunteers for this project will meet at: Student Activities Building