Saturday January 26th, 2019


This project does NOT start on Michigan time

Leuk's Landing provides a home for kitties with feline leukemia. These cats may not be able to live with healthy cats, but can still have long lives with lots of love. Come volunteer to help clean up after and cuddle with these cool cats! If you have not attended before, please be sure to fill out the waiver & read the volunteer guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UyqorqutiwuDkVO7z1JFhi0u2v-2Riov14-Wc7OOY74/edit?usp=sharing Questions? Comments? Email Sonia at sonialee@umich.edu

Event type: Service
Committee: Environment
Organization: Leuk
It is very important that you attend any projects for which you have signed up. We are counting on you to be there!

Sorry this project is full

Volunteers for this project will meet at: Student Activities Building